IT Megaminds can tailor a solution to support any part of the direct hire recruitment process in which you need support and assist you along the way in building capacity that delivers value and meets your strategic objectives.

Resource Augmentation

It is not uncommon to face a resource shortage and we see it very often ourselves because there has been abnormal turnover or you need additional bodies to augment your current strength to deliver a project on time. Or because the organization’s strategic direction has moved and your active talent’s skills & capabilities is no longer aligned with the new strategy. Ultimately, this leaves you in need of augmented resources to help you manage through the transition and to deliver on your commitments. At IT Megaminds, we perfectly understand the dilemma you are in and can provide you the resources you need within a short turnaround time.

Of course, finding specialized IT talent or that perfect fit for your organization can often be a challenge, especially when you need the resource yesterday. IT Megaminds can provide resource augmentation that helps organizations and managers quickly clear project hurdles and build momentum right through to closure when you need them. We are able to do this because of our huge database of consultants we have carefully built over the years.

Our Resource Augmentation Solutions include:
• Position based hiring
• Contract hiring
• Short and Long term Resources

IT Megaminds Resource Augmentation Advantage:
Our advantage stems from our own experience and expertise of having to quickly and effectively ramp up highly suitable talent for our own project needs & requirements. Our unique screening process enables us to find the right fit consistently and has proven to be highly effective at picking the right resource, for the right job, at the right time.
We provide flexible, talented resources for levels spanning anywhere from front line implementation staff to mid level and senior level management.

If you’re struggling with a resource gap, contact IT Megaminds today for a no-obligation consultation.